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Chew IT Backup Service

Sure you backup your important data to an external hard drive. That's great. You're covered in the event of a drive failure or other hardware issue. But what if your laptop were stolen or worse, your home or building caught fire? Where would your data be then?

Enter Chew IT Backup Service. Once set up, Chew IT Backup Service runs in the background, continually backing up your favorite photos, client files, server or your entire computer, over an encrypted connection to our secure server.

Files can be retrieved remotely even without a catastrophe. Say you are late for a presentation at a client's office. You throw your computer into your bag and run to the train. You get to the office but you've forgotten your power adapter and you find that your battery is dead! Your colleague has her computer but doesn't have the presentation. You quickly login to your Chew IT Backup Service account on your colleague's computer and retrieve the file that you were working on the night before. Nice. The system has fully redundant power sources served by a battery backup device and a generator.

I'd be happy to answer any question you might have. Please don't hesitate to call. 917.282.5646. No pressure.


  • Up to 20GB: $ 15 per month or $150 per year
  • 21-50GB: $ 20 per month or $200 per year
  • 51-100GB: $ 30 per month or $ 300 per year
  • 101-200GB: $ 40 per month or $ 400 per year
  • 201-299GB: $ 50 per month or $ 500 per year
  • Over 300GB: Let's tawk. 917.282.5646

Chew IT Backup Service is built on the tried and true CrashPlan PROe backup software by codefourtytwo software. Chew IT, Inc. is essentially a franchise for this software. The benefit of using Chew IT Backup Service is that your initial backup will be seeded locally, at your home or office, as opposed to over the internet. This can shave literally weeks or months off the initial backup. Of course, after the initial local backup is complete, the backup is moved offsite or the Chew IT backup server.

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